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Whiskey & Weed Candles - MADE TO ORDER - 12/pack

Whiskey & Weed Candles - MADE TO ORDER - 12/pack

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Elevate your next gathering to an unforgettable experience with our custom-made Whiskey & Weed Candles. Crafted meticulously in authentic whiskey glasses, these candles promise more than just ambiance; they bring a distinctive edge to your decor.

Each glass is adorned with two genuine hemp leaves; one thoughtfully placed on the glass exterior, while the other floats elegantly on the candle’s surface, accentuated by a touch of glimmering gold mica. When lit, the combined aromas of rich whiskey and the iconic scent of weed effortlessly set the tone, ensuring every event is memorably lit!

Product Highlights:

  • Design: Whiskey glass with two hand-placed hemp leaves, enhanced by golden mica.
  • Fragrance: Unique blend of whiskey and weed for an unparalleled aromatic experience.
  • Quantity: 12 per pack, exclusively made-to-order.
  • Craftsmanship: Owing to the artisanal nature, each candle showcases slight variances, making every piece unique.

Safety and Burn Instructions:

  • Always burn within sight and keep away from flammable objects.
  • Ensure it’s out of reach from children and pets.
  • Before igniting, trim the wick to a 1/4″ length.
  • Ensure the candle remains free of foreign materials, such as matches and wick trimmings.
  • Use on a level, fire-resistant surface.
  • Avoid continuous burning for over 4 hours.
  • Cease burning when only a 1/4″ of wax remains.

Order & Shipping Details:

  • Made-to-Order: To maintain exclusivity and ensure craftsmanship, we do not stock these candles.
  • Creation Time: Kindly allow up to 2 months for the crafting process.
  • Packaging: Delivered in specially curated packs of 12, perfect for gifting or personal indulgence.

Step into an immersive experience where luxury meets whimsy. The Whiskey & Weed Candles are not just candles; they are conversations starters, party amplifiers, and sensory delights. Order yours and watch as they become the talk of every gathering!

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Whiskey & Weed Candles - MADE TO ORDER - 12/pack
Whiskey & Weed Candles - MADE TO ORDER - 12/pack
Whiskey & Weed Candles - MADE TO ORDER - 12/pack
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