Step into a world of unique sensory experiences with Sherman Candles

  • Definitely recommend!!!

    I got two peach scented candles and they smelt so good my wife and I wanted to eat them. When we received them we were also taught how to properly put them out. I had no idea that there was a correct way to do that!

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  • These are amazing candles...

    These are amazing candles and so creative! Each one is individual and done with so much love and care.

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  • I've died and gone to scent heaven...

    if there is such a place! The patchouli is beyond words and the lavender makes me want to run through a field of it. Stephanie is one of the best people you'll ever do business with! Time to go burn some candles!

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  • I love these candles!!!

    I can not tell you how much I love these candles!!! The scents and the crystals are amazing but what makes this company is Stephanie. Her personality and her knowledge is why you become a customer for life!!!! Her Amber Driftwood candles smell like I need to stop what I’m doing and go to the beach!!!

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