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Peppermint Twist Mason Jar Candle

Peppermint Twist Mason Jar Candle

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Embrace the spirit of the holiday season with our Peppermint Twist Mason Jar Candle. This refreshing, vibrant fragrance infuses your space with a celebration of timeless winter joy, bringing to life the cheerful essence of iconic holiday traditions. It’s more than a candle; it’s a swirl of memories that fill your home with festive delight.

As you light the candle, a vivacious burst of cool peppermint emerges, evoking the childhood glee of candy canes and winter wonderlands. This minty freshness, pure and invigorating, gradually unfolds into a subtle heart touched by whispers of cream and sugar, a delectable concoction that dances on the senses. The journey concludes with a gentle kiss of vanilla, rounding out the fragrance with a sweet, comforting warmth that feels like a cozy hug on a chilly day.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: Peppermint – crisp and exhilarating, capturing the cool freshness of winter.
  • Middle: Cream, Sugar – these notes swirl together, adding a luscious richness that’s both soothing and inviting.
  • Base: Vanilla – the comforting sweet undertone that binds everything together in a tender embrace.

Candle Details:

  • Content: Presented in a charming Mason jar, this candle offers both aesthetic appeal and a sense of rustic holiday nostalgia.
  • Ingredients: Crafted with a blend of high-quality soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance infused with natural essential oils, ensuring a festive yet clean burn.
  • Burn Time: Offers approximately 15-20 hours of luminous, festive ambiance that enhances your holiday celebrations.
  • Vanillin Content: Contains 0.70%, just enough to add a hint of sweetness without overwhelming the mint’s refreshing zest.

Safety and Burn Instructions:

  • Attentive Use: Ensure to burn the candle within sight, away from flammable objects, children, and pets.
  • Preparation: Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting, maintaining this length before each burn to promote an even melt pool and prevent any smoking or sooting.
  • Environment: Set your candle on a heat-resistant surface, devoid of drafts, vibrations, or direct sunlight for an optimal burn experience.
  • Duration: Do not burn for more than four hours at a time and stop use when only 1/4 inch of wax remains.

With our Peppermint Twist Mason Jar Candle, every corner of your home will twinkle with the magic of the holidays. It’s the perfect backdrop for wrapping gifts, sipping hot cocoa, or hosting festive gatherings. Gift it to someone special or make it the centerpiece of your seasonal decor. This candle is not just a scent; it’s a joyful experience shared.

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Peppermint Twist Mason Jar Candle
Peppermint Twist Mason Jar Candle
Peppermint Twist Mason Jar Candle
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