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Yooperlite - UV Reactive Energy Crystals

Yooperlite - UV Reactive Energy Crystals

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Metaphysical Properties: Yooperlite is known as the stone of truth, it opens up one's abilities to articulate their creativity.


Charka Alignment: Yooperlite is here to activate your Vishuddha [sanskrit: विशुद्ध ] (Throat Chakra) to create your own voice, speak  your truth and sing praises to yourself and others.

Vishuddah is the 5th Chakra and associated with the color blue. 

Bījamantra:  Haṁ 

Solfeggio Frequency: 741Hz 


Element: Water

Chemical Composition:

Sodalite is a type of feldspathoid mineral, chloride-containing sodium aluminosilicate that occurs with leucite and nepheline in such igneous rocks as nepheline syenite, trachyte, and phonolite.

Syenite is a coarsely crystalline plutonic intermediate rock consisting chiefly of alkali feldspar with less than 5% quartz and/or feldspathoid. Clinopyroxene, hornblende, biotite mica, or olivine may be present in minor proportions.

*Crystals may have small pockets (natural holes/caves), natural cracks, or rough areas. 

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