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Ruby Kyanite - UV Reactive Energy Crystals

Ruby Kyanite - UV Reactive Energy Crystals

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A blending of fiery red Ruby and serene blue Kyanite that helps us become our higher selves.

Sphere only, includes selenite stand.

Metaphysical Properties: Meditation and guide connection stone. Tuning your vibration to spiritual wisdom.

Chakra Alignment: Ruby Kyanite is here to activate your Anahata [Sanskrit: अनाहत ](Heart Chakra) This chakra is an essential component of our overall well-being, as it helps us to balance our emotions, cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, and build meaningful relationships with others.

Anahata is the 4th Chakra and associated with the color Green . 

Bījamantra:  Yam

Solfeggio Frequency: 639Hz


*Crystals may have small pockets (natural holes/caves), natural cracks, or rough areas. 

The information contained in this product page it not medical advice. You should always follow the advice of a medical professional. 

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