Water Element Cube Candle (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio)


Carefully crafted to support Water Element Energies, these candles can be aligned with your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign, or chosen to complement your current vibration, no matter your astrological sign.

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Submerge into the emotive realms of the Water Element with Sherman Candles’ “Water Element Cube Candle.” Meticulously crafted to reflect the intuitive and profound depths of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, this cube-shaped masterpiece is an invitation to explore the profound corridors of emotion and intuition, resonating with those who feel the pull of the oceanic tides within their souls.

Scent Profile:

  • Top: Fresh splashes of citrus interlace with the crispness of sea salt and the invigorating touch of ozone, evoking the vast expanse of the open sea.
  • Middle: Delicate notes of plum merge with the exoticism of cardamom, complemented by the warm embrace of sandalwood and the resinous sweetness of benzoin.
  • Base: Depths of amber and dark musk find grounding in cedar, while a hint of powder leaves a soft, lingering trail, reminiscent of a tranquil shoreline.

Candle Characteristics:

  • Energetic Heart: Central to this cubical wonder is a mesmerizing Brazilian Agate Crystal, known for its unique silhouette and hue. As the candle burns, the crystal is backlit, becoming a luminous meditation focus, echoing the fluid energies of the water.
  • Artisanship: Thoughtfully hand-poured, every cube captures the element’s allure in its unique color and design nuances.
  • Quality Commitment: Imbued with non-toxic fragrance oils, ensuring a pure aromatic voyage. Paired with superior paraffin wax and a dedicated cotton wick for an even, consistent burn.

Encapsulating the Water Element Energies, this cube candle not only illuminates space but also emits an aura of deep introspection, creativity, and connectivity. Whether it’s the allure of profound emotions, the comfort of intuitive insights, or the serenity of a gentle shoreline that you seek, the Water Element Cube Candle promises a journey into the heart’s deepest chambers.

Embark on a voyage of soulful connections and let the Water Element Cube Candle guide you through the ever-changing ebb and flow of life’s emotive tides.

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