Element Pyramid Bundle (Air, Water, Earth, Fire)


Experience the elemental harmony with our Element Pyramid Bundle. Bridging the essential forces of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, each Small Pyramid Candle in this collection has been meticulously crafted to resonate with its designated elemental spirit.

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Dive into an elemental journey with the “Element Pyramid Bundle,” masterfully curated to celebrate the foundational energies of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. This exquisite collection features the Small Pyramid Candles from each elemental series, uniting them in a symphonic blend to bestow upon you a holistic experience, along with a considerate saving.

Complementing this bundle is a complimentary Element Guide Postcard, a vivid representation of the unique energies and attributes of each elemental force.

For the connoisseurs of individuality and those eager to explore a specific elemental aura, our Element Candles Collection presents a range of distinct choices.

Scent Profile:

To be explored uniquely with each elemental candle, offering a diverse olfactory palette that ranges from airy notes to the profound depths of earth, the refreshing waves of water, and the passionate blaze of fire.

Candle Characteristics:

  • Adorned with a mesmerizing Brazilian Agate Crystal, each presenting its distinct shimmer.
  • Delicately hand-poured, ensuring a one-of-a-kind mosaic of colors and patterns with every candle.
  • Perfumed with non-toxic oils to encapsulate the essence of each element.
  • Formulated with premium paraffin wax and complemented with an organic cotton wick.
  • Dimensions: Small Pyramid: Base 3.5″, Height 5″

Bundle’s Purpose: Crafted to honor and invigorate all Elemental Energies, this bundle serves as a beacon for those resonating with their Sun, Moon, or Rising signs, or anyone keen to tap into universal energies. Enhanced with the grounding presence of Brazilian Agate and the nuances of color psychology, the act of lighting these candles transcends mere ambiance. The illuminating dance between the flame and the Brazilian Agate culminates in a stunning luminescence, creating an epicenter for reflection and meditation.

Brazilian Agates, renowned for their stabilizing essence, weave a tapestry of alignment for the mind, body, and spirit, resonating in unison with all chakras.

Elemental Insight: Each element, be it the ethereal Air, nurturing Earth, fluid Water, or invigorating Fire, beckons its seekers with distinct attributes. From the boundless skies to the deepest terrains, from the ever-moving oceans to the fervent flames, they offer a vast spectrum of experiences, challenges, and joys. With the Element Pyramid Bundle, embrace them all, and embark on a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and cosmic alignment.

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